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[caption id="attachment_111" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The Miss Worcester Diner in Worcester, MA. Photo taken by Elizabeth Thomsen on July 24, 2007. "][/caption] A follow-up note on the Worcester trip. When we exited the interstate we blew right past Holy Cross toward downtown looking for what some of my friends and I used to call a slutty breakfast. We totally scored as there, underneath the railroad tracks, stood the Miss Worcester Diner. [klaricid 250mg pills $129.00] Inside was a counter that ran the length of the car on one side and booth service (as advertised outside) on the other. The place was perfect following a night of Super Bowl revelry - everyone was talking football and the were as thick as the cooking grease. A poke around the web reveals that the Miss Worcester dates back to 1948 and is Worcester Lunch Car Company #817. When still in operation, the Worcester Lunch Car Company was located across the street from the Miss Worcester which served as a model for the manufacturer. Poking around also revealed that, not surprisingly, there's a whole trainspotting-type diner enthusiast culture out there. I wouldn't necessarily label Elizabeth Thomsen as such, but I did come across and her . Her post on the Miss Worcester has on the diner and the history of Worcester diners. The photo above is hers, too, which she kindly shares under a (respect!). There's another taken by Coert Donker around the date we visited. I even ran across where the Miss Worcester was featured in the wonderfully absurd comic strip .

[caption id="attachment_118" align="aligncenter" width="437" caption="The Miss Worcester was featured in Zippy the Pinhead on March 15 klaricid 250mg pills $129.00, 2000. "][/caption] Halfway through my hash browns I was reminded of lonely journey in . Least Heat-Moon devises an "infallible way to find honest food at just prices" based on the number of calendars hanging in a café. Even if they weren't all from 2009 (some commemorated past Red Sox and Patriots championships), klaricid 250mg pills $129.00 the Miss Worcester ranks as a five-calendar café. It also has me nostalgic for some good old who titled their next to last LP . It's not my favorite (checkout Victorialand, Blue Bell Knoll, and Heaven or Las Vegas for that), but it's still an inspired title. Embarrassing confession: for years I thought Elizabeth Fraser sung most of their songs in French. What's up with that? She's Scottish for crying out loud. Oh well, her voice was more an instrument than a lyrics-producing device. Klaricid 250mg pills $129.00 sleeve_fourcalendarcafeLeast Heat-Moon has a new one out about traveling the back roads called . We don't mosey enough, do we? That's going on the summer reading list.

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