Here Goes Nothing

I’ve had this URL for ages and I’ve even been paying for hosting for a few years. All I’ve used it for is testing new releases, themes, and plugins for things like WordPress, Mediawiki, Drupal, Joomla, Gallery 2, etc. Ill-advisedly, I was even using it as a proving ground for Yale-related sites before making them live on a Yale domain. Just bad form all around.

It has long been my intention to blog, but I wanted to come up with a clever domain name/title, a slick theme, and something interesting to say first. Well, I give up on the first two for now and I leave the third for you to decide, but I forewarn you – be skeptical.

So, today I embraced the default Kubrick theme as something of a pure nascent state, geared up to WordPress 2.7.1, wiped the slate of old non-posts clean, and now I’m typing. I was actually shamed into this by getting a trackback from Jim Groom at (a mainstay in my RSS reader) just before WordCamp Ed Northeast. I figured that if I’m going to speak in public about the merits of WordPress, I better stop posing.

Professionally, I currently work in educational technology at Yale University. Personally, I get excited about the usual stuff (family, music, film, lit, politics, sports), I recently bought a 1920s-era house/perpetual home improvement project, and over the past year I have taken up backpacking as a hobby. Hopefully I’ll write about all of that stuff from now on and will keep the drippy, overly self-referential posts like this one to a minimum.

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