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and I had a blast talking with folks about the educational possibilities of WordPress at up in Worcester a couple of weeks ago. I was particularly impressed with the extention presentations. Duphalac 200ml bottle $108.00 mentioned that a community cataloging piece is being developed for . That could be promising for an Anthropology professor we work with who has a large photo collection of a little-known tribal group. Tribal members [duphalac 200ml bottle $108.00] are willing to help catalog the images and we've been wanting to provide an online system to collect the metadata so it can be quality checked by researchers and librarians before being ported into an institutional collection. Apparently developers at are cooking up as a plugin. That would be nice for people who want the CommentPress functionality without their design elements that ride shotgun as part of the theme. I know you can edit the CSS, but it'll be easier to have things separated. is coming along nicely duphalac 200ml bottle $108.00, too. I have to commend on enthusiastically carrying the flag for building the WordPress Ed Community. I've gotta start being more than a leech on that duphalac 200ml bottle $108.00 front. Thanks to for putting the event together and some good tips on security. He's put the resources from the day on the .

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