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. . . when you see the you run out of your house waving your arms and hollerin', "I'm gonna get me on the Google!"

I had almost forgotten about this red moment from last summer when I spotted the Googlemobile in my old neighborhood. When I saw Street View up on someone's screen yesterday it reminded me to check, and there I was, dorkily immortalized. I started jumping and saying depakote 250mg pills $174.00, depakote 250mg pills $174.00 "Look at me Maw - I'm famous! Whooooeeee!"

I'm not the only one. My friend Ken turned me onto the presence of galleries and entire sites devoted to wacky Street View [depakote 250mg pills $174.00] sightings. Here are few interesting ones: http://mashable. Depakote 250mg pills $174.00 com/2007/05/31/top-15-google-street-view-sightings/ http://www. urlesque. com/2009/02/05/top-10-moments-caught-on-google-maps-street-view/ http://www. streetviewfun. com/ http://www. gstreetsightings. com/

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